We partner with various ministries in Spokane and around the world to serve those in need. Learn more about these ministries below!

  • Bite 2 Go

    Feeding the youth of Spokane in need every weekend. Find out more about what they do.

  • Friends without a home resources

    Being church to our neighbors can mean a variety of things. One way we can do this is by helping and partnering with our friends without a home here in Spokane. Downtown Spokane and SNAP have created the Downtown Spokane Homeless Resource Pocket Guide so that we can aid and encourage those struggling. Please read through these resources, or pick up a physical copy at the welcome center.

  • On the Ground

    Feeding our friends without homes in downtown Spokane on the last Sunday of the month.

  • International Child Care Ministries

    Providing holistic support to children in poverty around the world. Learn more about ICCM.

  • Project Six19

    A local ministry teaching youth about sexual integrity. Check it out!

  • Safe Families OF Spokane

    Helping local families in need. Learn more.

  • Spokane County Jail MinistrY

    Providing hope to those currently in jail.

  • world Relief Spokane

    Providing assistance and friendship for refugees at the Friendship Center.