Our Mission

Purpose: Why we exist?

Love God. Love People. Make Disciples.

Vision: Where are we going?

...to be Church for our neighbors...

Mission: How do we get there?

GATHER for worship

GROW in our relationship

GO on mission

OUR Commitments

Prayer: Prayer is vital and connects us to God. It's a two-way conversation.

Holistic Faith: Following Jesus impacts every area of life. We strive to be

Christ-centered and Spirit-led always.

Stewardship: God has entrusted us with everything we have.  We take care of the things God has given us: our time, our talents, our resources.

Connected: You cannot be a follower of Jesus in isolation. 

We live, work, and play in relationship.

Family: The Church is a family made up of diverse and unique individuals. 

We welcome all ages and stages in life and faith!

Social Concern: Our world is a hurting place. We bring the love of God into the mess of life: in our homes, our town, our country, and our world. 

The Bible: We're inspired by God's story and we believe it's true. 

We apply God's story to our regular, daily lives

PASTOR's cabinet

  • JAmes Leman


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  • Ron CURRY

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  • Art Ohler

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  • TIM Scully

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  • AlainA Zemke

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  • Nathan Zemke


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Board of Directors

  • James Leman

    Lead Pastor

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  • Donna Baker

    Facilities Pillar

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    Finance Pillar

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  • christi Scully

    missional outreach pillar

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  • tim scully

    worship pillaR

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  • kyle wagner

    discipleship pillar

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  • Nathan Zemke


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  • James Leman

    Lead Pastor

    Lead Pastor James grew up a missionary kid on an Indian Reservation in eastern Montana. This childhood helped shape his worldview and his desire to see people come to a life-changing knowledge of Jesus. He felt called into full-time pastoral ministry as a freshman in college, but it took another 8 years for him to end up in a church setting. Now at FFMC, he is excited about pushing and challenging people to order their entire lives around Jesus Christ. His heartbeat is connecting those who currently know and passionately worship Christ, and those who are willing to live in authentic community, with those who have not yet had their lives transformed by Jesus. James is also passionate about his family. He's been married to Abby since 1999. They are blessed with two sons, Sam and JJ. James loves being in God's creation - backpacking, bicycling, rafting, camping, and the list could go on. But what he really enjoys is a good round of disc golf in just about any weather. He believes the disc golf course is the best place for an official "meeting!" 

    Email Pastor James

  • Tim Scully

    Director of worship ministries

    Tim has been involved in worship ministry since he was in Middle School, and has led worship for around 15 years. He has a deep love and appreciation for many styles of music: from rock and rap, to jazz and classical. His mom taught him piano and clarinet which gave him the foundation he needed to learn vocals, guitar, bass and even a little drums. He also hopes to someday learn to play the cello. Tim is also a pretty big geek. One of his greatest joys is teaching others how to leverage technology to make life easier. When not leading worship, he works full-time as a web developer and IT Specialist for Numerica Credit Union. Tim was born and raised in Spokane Valley and currently lives in the Greenacres/Liberty Lake area with his amazing wife, Christi, and two adorable sons, Tayne and Thorin, and precious daughter, Thea. In his down-time, you can find Tim reading, playing video games, training for races, or wrestling around with his kids.

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  • Connie Pittman

    DIRECTOR OF Children's Ministries

    Connie's mom tells her she was standing up on the pews in their little community church on chubby toddler legs singing “Jesus Loves Me” before she was 2! This love with Jesus has been affirmed over the past six decades of her life. She believes that we all come into the kingdom like children: open, curious, trusting. Ministry for Connie is sharing her ongoing love story... and sometimes she uses words! Ok, often using lots of words! Her faith is very real to her and she trusts that God has placed her at Spokane First Free Methodist in her retirement years to lift up the message of Jesus to children of all ages. Send her an email. She'd love to talk. Email Connie

  • Christi Scully

    Digital Outreach Coordinator

    Christi began her journey with Jesus in junior high and has been learning and growing ever since. Over the years, God has revealed to her just how little her faith has to do with herself, but rather, how much it has to do with pouring out the love of God into the lives of others. Her heart breaks for the broken, misunderstood, underserved, and marginalized. It is her desire that everyone would come to a deep and loving relationship with Jesus Christ and see their value and worth through His eyes. She believes, to her core, that everyone has purpose, value, and worth. Christi spent nine years as a high school math teacher before choosing to stay home and raise her three children. She fully expects that, at some point, God will call her back to her ministry of teaching high school math. She is a lover of mathematics, science, and all things “nerd”. She lives in Spokane Valley with her best friend and husband, Tim, as well as the three joys of her life, her children, Tayne, Thorin, and Thea.

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